The following Fraternity memorabilia are available for sale:

Delta Phi Epsilon hoodie sweatshirt ($45)

Delta Phi Epsilon Georgetown Hat ($25)

Delta Phi Epsilon rugby shirt ($60)
(navy blue and white stripes, with in front the DPE Crest in full colors)

Delta Phi Epsilon T-shirts ($10)
(choose between grey or white versions of each of the four designs shown above)

Delta Phi Epsilon Neck Tie ($40)
(black with diagonal gold stripes,
each bordered above and below
by very narrow blue and grey stripes)

Delta Phi Epsilon 32 oz. mug ($30)
(white porcelain, with the front showing the the Fraternal Crest in color set between your initiation year
and the words “Georgetown University” in blackand with the back showing your nickname in black)

Delta Phi Epsilon “spot pins” ($8)

(a) the golklad Greek Letters version


(b) the golklad Fraternal Crest version

The Delta Phi Epsilon Badge
(choose between:
(a) the 10k gold version ($105)
(b) the golklad version ($55)

Delta Phi Epsilon Cuff Links

showing the Fraternal Crest
(the sterling silver ($65) and the 10k gold ($95) versions)

Delta Phi Epsilon Blazer Patch ($20)
(4 inches high)

Delta Phi Epsilon Banner ($80)
(black felt rectangle, 18 inches by 36 inches,
with, in gold, 1 inch borders and, in gold, the words
…..”Delta Phi Epsilon”
and…”Georgetown” or “Berkeley”, etc.)

Lapel Pins for Rushing and Pledging

Fox Pin  | Pledge Button

each $8

The Fox Pin used to be given to freshmen and others not able to pledge that semester,

thus establishing at least some kind of connection with Delta Phi Epsilon until they could pledge;

the Pledge Button, of course, is only given to those who have taken the Pledge Oath and are pledging.

To order, email